Couples Counseling

Saving your marriage is a road worth traveling.

My focus is your marriage. I do not take sides, the only side I am on is your successful and happy marriage. Your marriage can be revitalized and full of love, connection, trust, and intimacy. I use a proven 10-12 session process that is focused on results to improve your marriage. Do you feel like you are always arguing? Do you need better communication? Do you feel like roommates instead of husband and wife? Have you lost intimacy or that deep emotional connection? Has love and respect been lost? These issues are faced by most marriages over time. The good news is that you are not alone, I can help. All of these issues can be overcome with counseling, commitment, effort, and faith in God. Marriage counseling is not an easy road to travel, but saving your marriage is a road worth traveling even if it is difficult.

Marriage Counseling is:

  • Neutral
  • Structured
  • Educational
  • A way to grow as a couple
  • Making changes to improve the relationship
  • Owning up to your own mistakes
  • Forgiveness

Marriage Counseling is not:

  • About proving who is right and who is wrong
  • Professionally ganging up on your spouse
  • Fighting it out
  • Making yourself happy at your spouse’s expense
  • Forcing your spouse to change
  • Proving your spouse is wrong
  • Blame

Our sessions will include detailed counseling and dialogue on the subjects of:

  • Human needs
  • Love languages
  • Communication skills
  • Foundations of marriage
  • Problem solving and compromise
  • The past and future
  • Identifying and overcoming irrational beliefs
  • Taking responsibility
  • Forgiveness
  • The return of intimacy

Your marriage can change, it can be full of love, respect, kindness, romance, and intimacy. Below are the ten most common reasons that couples seek counseling. Do any of these issues look familiar? You are not the only ones that struggle in these areas. We can work together to heal your marriage.


  1. Poor communication
  2. Infidelity
  3. Abuse 1-800-799-7233 SAFE
  4. Meddling in-laws
  5. Parenting
  6. Jealousy
  7. Financial problems
  8. Job stress
  9. Substance abuse
  10. Wrong expectations of a marriage

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