Temperament Counseling – Couples and Individual

Some people just naturally socialize while others prefer to be alone.

Ever wonder why you think the way you think or act the way you act? Have you noticed how some people just naturally navigate to careers in sales, accounting, leadership, or something they can do completely alone? Why are some people extremely outgoing and people oriented? Why are some people always sticking to themselves with little desire for recognition? Why do some people need little recognition and always plow forward in every situation with little regard for criticism or feedback? These issues are all determined by one’s Temperament. Temperament identifies what type of social interactions you prefer, how you make decisions, and what you need to give and receive in your deepest relationships.

There are five Temperament types, none of them are right or wrong, each has strengths and weaknesses. You will be the absolute best you when you understand your Temperament. Temperament Counseling is great for couples as well. Ever wonder why one of you loves to be social and interact with friends, but the other would rather stay home and not be bothered with people? Temperament explains these types of situations. When you and your spouse understand each other’s temperament, you can understand and help each other at the highest level.

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