Books by Dr. Shawn Kirk

Advance & Triumph

Preparing Yourself to Win

Advance & Triumph  book by Dr. Shawn Kirk

In the book Advance & Triumph, Dr. Shawn provides a scriptural guide to advance and triumph in every area your life. This book is great for changing your situation and preparing yourself to win. Dr. Shawn provides a detailed description of the issues that keep so many Christians from the success they should be enjoying. Not only will you learn how to identify the issues holding you back, you will learn how to permanently change them and press forward to your destiny. This book is great for new Christians and anyone looking to change, and move forward in any situation.

Ever feel like your prayers do not get answered? Dr. Shawn provides specific instruction for praying with results. He breaks down the prayers of the Apostle Paul and John in detail to explain why and how your prayers should model theirs. The Epistle of James tells us “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss”, what does that really mean? Dr. Shawn explains the answer so you will not “ask amiss” when you pray. He provides six fundamentals of faith that will help you grow your faith and change your life.

Other topics include being led by the Holy Spirit, developing a Kingdom mind-set that is ready to win, expanding your vision to fulfill your destiny, and how the Biblical teaching of seedtime and harvest will advance you to a triumphant life. It concludes with how to identify your purpose and what it takes to reach your destiny.

Dr. Shawn has a unique style of teaching the Word of God and how it relates to your everyday life. He takes you through an amazing journey of Biblical teaching that will teach you how to win in everyday life. Advance & Triumph is great for new Christians, people who feel stuck, and anyone seeking to advance their life in any area.

Sound Mind Sound Life

Preparing Your Mind for Success

Sound Mind Sound Life book by Dr. Shawn Kirk

In Sound Mind – Sound Life, Dr. Shawn shares his vision of a scriptural guide to building a sound mind that is ready for success in all areas of life. Many people are chasing prosperity through paychecks when they should be chasing their God given destiny. This book successfully guides you through the spiritual development of a sound mind. It will improve your ability to interpret and respond to your environment and opportunities for success.

Many people desire change, but they do not know where to start. Sound Mind – Sound Life provides a refreshing approach with detailed steps that will absolutely change your situation. Not only will you learn how to stop and manage old behaviors, you will learn how to replace them with new, spiritually grounded behaviors that will guide you through the change process that has eluded so many for so long.

Success and the mantle of responsibility will bring about stress, hardship, and problems that must be solved. A sound mind that is laser focused on one’s purpose and destiny will stand strong and master stress, hardship, and problems.

Learn how to pray with results as taught by Jesus with detailed examples from the Apostle Paul, John, and Solomon. Dr. Shawn believes that to improve the human mind, you must start with the creator of the human mind. Sound Mind – Sound life is full of scriptures teaching you how to develop a sound mind from God.  

Other topics include the importance of personal effort and how God’s grace will help you navigate life. It concludes with detailed teaching from the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospels as Dr. Shawn takes you on an amazing journey through the teachings of Jesus to develop a sound mind and change your life.