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These classes are very popular and fill up fast! If you have always wanted to pursue a future in Christian Life Coaching, this Coaching Certification will provide you with the foundation you will need.

  • Feb. 6th to Apr. 9th
  • Apr. 23rd to Jun. 25th
  • Jul. 9th to Sep. 10th
  • Sep. 17th to Nov. 19th
Two hour live Zoom classes each week with 1-2 hours of homework.

nacc logoDr. Shawn Kirk Ministries is a Certified Training Center for the National Association of Christian Counselors. Dr. Shawn has been a member of the NACC since 2012 and is on the current Board of Examiners.

Register at the bottom of this page and start your journey to helping people reach their full potential! Convenient ten-week path to certification with weekly two hour classes live on Zoom.

Pastors, Ministers, Ministry Leaders, Professionals, & Entrepreneurs. As a Certified Christian Life Coach, you will possess the skill to help people change, expand their vision, identify & overcome obstacles, solve problems, make good decisions, and achieve their goals.


  • Would you like to start your own Christian Life Coaching business?
  • Would you like to develop expert coaching skills to lead and grow your ministry, business, or corporate career?
  • Would you like to empower people to grow and be the best they can be?
  • Would you like help people change, improve what’s important in their life, make better decisions, and be who God created them to be?


Why become a Certified Christian Life Coach?

  • In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted. Jack Welch
  • A coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment, and confidence. Frederic Hudson
  •  Coaching helps people expand their visions, build their confidence, unlock their potential, increase their skills, and take practical steps towards their goals. Dr. Gary Collins
  • Quite simply, questions hold the power to cause us to think, create answers we believe in, and motivate us to act on our ideas. Asking moves us beyond passive acceptance of what others say, or staying stuck in present circumstances, to aggressively applying our creative ability to the problem. Tony Stoltzfus

Modules include:

The Foundations of Christian Coaching:
This module studies Christian coaching, what makes a good coach, change, and leadership.

The Skills of Christian Coaching:
This module studies the coaching relationship, listening, questioning, responding, and coaching models.

Assessment in Christian Coaching:
This module studies getting in touch with the present and the person.

Vision in Christian Coaching:
This module studies vision clarification and moving forward with a mission.

Strategy, Action, and Obstacles in Christian Coaching:
This module studies coaching for action and setting strategies.

Why Ask Questions:
This module studies becoming a master of asking questions and the top ten mistakes when asking questions.

The Coaching Process:
This module studies conversational models, the Life Wheel, SMART Goals, and defining problems.

Advanced Asking Skills:
This module studies affirmation, decision making, habit change, challenges, and reframing.

Six Human Needs:
This module studies the six human needs of psychology and how they bring fulfillment.

Marketing Plan
This module shows students how to create, implement, and track the effectiveness of a Marketing Plan.

Registration Information


Registration $50
Tuition:$ 600

Registration and tuition may be paid in one lump sum or in the three payments outlined below:

  • Payment #1 $250 – $50 registration + $200 tuition due prior to course materials and Zoom meetings being sent out.
  • Payment #2 $200 – Due prior to week four class starting.
  • Payment #3 $200 – Due prior to week eight class starting.

Registration and tuition payments are non-refundable.

National Association of Christian Counselors

The National Association of Christian Counselors is a Christian ministry established in 2008 to train Biblical counselors and teachers to assist local churches and to help meet related needs. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between faith and life so that as the individual’s relationship with God grows they begin to live for God’s glory. As change takes place, they experience His peace and joy.

Schedule a cost-free consultation with Dr. Shawn by clicking Let’s Get Started below or calling 281-780-1707. You may also reach out to Dr. Shawn through email to ask questions or discuss the program through the Contact page.

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